Article de Oluwatoyin Vincent ADEPOJU, Fondateur et Directeur du Compcros : Comparative Cognitive Processes and Systems à Cambridge – 21/11/2014

Evelyne Huet’s The Origins

Geometric and anthropomorphic form within multicoloured luminosity, evoking erotic generation, the procreative origin and continuity of the human species.

Beautiful radiance of colour harmonies and figural dynamism.

In the Beginning, God Geometrised- scientific cosmologist Johannes Kepler (?)

God geometrizes continually-Plato (?)

Geometric form underlies cosmos-Indian Tantric thought

The unfolding beauty of being and becoming is manifest in mathematical permutation- African mathematical cosmologies (Ifa, Afa, Fa, Oguega etc) and Chinese I Ching cosmology

Reality in its primary emergence and unfolding is a geometric configuration-Islamic thought

Through mathematics, reality can be mapped-modern scientific thought

Geometric and concrete form together constitute reality-Indian Tantric thought

The primary form of recreative force is the triangle- Indian Tantric thought