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tributes to great authors, texts, characters.

Memory of the Flamboyance of P-H.W.

Pierre-Henry WILTHIEN, my husband, was born in Venaco on September 6, 1941, and died in Paris on October 25, 2016.   A Corsican, a mathematician and a professor at university, he was very involved in the fight to reduce inequalities, both in his volunteer work and in his research in mathematics.   I never got bored with him, throughout our thirty-seven years of life together.
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Lorenzo de’ Medici

Lorenzo de’ MEDICI (1 January 1449 – 9 April 1492), also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent for his generous sponsorship of artists such as Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and above all Michelangelo. A humanist, scholar, poet, diplomat and powerful politician, he ruled de facto the Republic of Florence from 1469 to 1492 during Italian Renaissance.
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The beauty of mathematics

Homage to Maryam MIRZAKHANI, 2014 winner of the Fields medal, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Mathematics. (The Snake is a very ancient symbol of Wisdom and Science.)
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The light beings

Mister Yves B., with much love.
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Solim’s smile

to Solim B., 8 years old, who lives in Sokode, Togo.
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Michel Foucault

Homage to MICHEL FOUCAULT (1927-1984), French philosopher who wrote “Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison” in 1975. Dual vision of the book and its author, intra and extra muros.
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“The Human Comedy”

Title borrowed from the French writer Honoré DE BALZAC (1799-1850) who gave it to his entire opus in 1845, most likely as an homage to “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. “THE HUMAN COMEDY” by BALZAC gathers together a considerable number of novels, short stories, essays, all of which were written between 1815 and 1848 and depict a French society dominated by money. This painting is about the pretences, the everyday lies, the fake smiles behind the masks.
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Bagheera watched over Mowgli

… “THE JUNGLE BOOK” (1894), by the British writer Rudyard KIPLING (1865-1936). Bagheera the black panther, and Mowgli the man-cub.
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